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PROLOGUS – This chapter of In The Closet of the Vatican is [...]


Theater Class (ZHdK, Oct 2017)

Theater in America – General readings : Lawrence Levine, Highbrow/Lowbrow, the Emergence of [...]

Theater Class (ZHdK, Oct 2017)2022-02-10T17:49:24+00:00


Hundreds of persons helped me to write this book in [...]


On the future of criticism

In his book Curation Nation, Steven Rosenbaum offers readers interesting insight [...]

On the future of criticism2022-02-10T17:51:11+00:00

Smart (Conference)

CONFERENCE TYPE Mohammed Assaf (première sur MBC le 24 février 2017 [...]

Smart (Conference)2022-02-06T21:45:59+00:00

Presentation of Smart

SMART – The internets (Publisher:Stock-France, April 2014) Download the booklet here [...]

Presentation of Smart2022-02-11T18:42:55+00:00

Introduction of Smart

Frédéric Martel, SMART, On the internets (Translated by Adriana Hunter) [...]

Introduction of Smart2022-02-06T21:31:10+00:00

Digital Wars

In Digital Wars: Apple, Google, Microsoft and the Battle for the [...]

Digital Wars2022-02-10T17:54:11+00:00
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