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Global map on LGBT rights : Equaldex

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International press clippings on F. Martel’s book Global Gay (translated in a dozen languages) :

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Global Gay is already published in several languages: English (MIT Press), Spain and Latin America (Penguin Random House/Taurus), Italian (Feltrinelli), Japan (Iwanami), Korean (Geulhangari), Portuguese/Brazil (Record), Traditional Chinese (Taïwan and Hong Kong).

(Articles are posted by chronological reverse order)

JAPAN : Global Gay has been published in japanese in December 2017 : See the article in the book review by Wataru Sawamura, for the Asahi Shimbun, the main Japanese daily newspape (Feb 22, 2017). Another book review in the weekly Shukan Dokusho-jin, a leading book-review journal for intellectuals (Feb.3, No. 3175). See also three other articles in japanese in the Tokyo Press

PERU (Lima) : Review of « Global Gay » in El Comercio (Lima, Peru) and Diario 16 (Lima, Peru). [+ others articles and interviews during the « International Book Fair » in Lima in July 2015.]

MEXICO : Severals interviews and reviews of « Smart », « Mainstream » and « Global Gay » when translated in spanish in Mexico (November 2014) : among them see : ; Animal Polico (Antonio Martinez) ; ; Televisa Radio ; Yuriria Sierra’ Radio Talk Show etc.

ARGENTINA : Severals interviews and reviews of « Smart », « Mainstream » and « Global Gay » when translated in spanish in Argentina (November 2014) : among them see : Ñ-Clarin (cultural supplement) ; La Nacion (interview) ; La Nacion (article) ; Reporte Publicidad ; Rolling Stone Argentina ; Télam ; Yahoo Noticias ; Radio MDZ etc.

ITALY : Interview about « Global Gay » in Italian : (26/10/2014)

PERU : Interview on « Global Gay » at ; and in Cronicas de la Diversidad (October 2014)

COLOMBIA : Interview on « Global Gay » and « Smart » in october 2014 : for El Espectador (leading newspaper in Bogota, Colombia) : El Espectador (link in Spanish) or El Espectador (PDF in spanish). And a full time program interview for the National TV : Canal Capital « El Sofa ».

CHILE : Long interview about Global Gay and Smart in The Clinic, an important magazine in Chile : The Clinic (Chile, in Spanish) & interview in the website Cooperativa (Chile). (September 2014)