What are the future of cultural journalism, recommendation and prescription ?

Between the traditionnal cultural critic – who is an endangered species – and the automatic filtering – which is not enough efficient –, « Smart Curation » offers new tools and new ways of thinking the future of recommendation in the age of content abundance.

An overall article discuss this topic. It has been already published in 5 different languages on these following medias:

– In French : on Slate in 3 parts. See here : Part I ; Part II ; Part III

– In Italian : by La Reppublica, see : PDF or Part I & Part II.

– In Portuguese in Brazil by O Globo.

– In Spanish by the Mexican website Horizontal : « Curaduría Smart » in 5 parts : 1. Las máquinas serán los críticos ; 2. La cultura según Amazon y Facebook ; 3. Múltiples esferas de opinión ; 4. La crisis de los críticos ; 5. El futuro de la crítica cultural (and for the entire serie see here ; see also La Nacion in Argentina/Buenos Aires and Arcadia in Bogota/Colombia).

– In German : in KulturPublizistik or here in PDF.

– In English (soon).

– In Chinese : mandarin/simplified chinese (soon) and traditionnal Chinese/Taiwanese-Hongkonguese (soon)

– In Korean (soon).

– In Romanian (soon).

 * This article, a ZHdK’s research project, is part of a « smart curation » seminar at the University ZHdK (Zurich).