Hundreds of persons helped me to write this book in more than 50 contries during the last 4 or 5 years. It is difficult here to thank all of them. Nevertheless, I would like to thank some of them.

– The greatest thanks of all is owed to my friends who read the manuscript and made hundreds of suggestions: Theo Corbucci ; Yassir Hammoud ; Mathias Megy ; Emmanuel Paquette ; Aziz Ridouan ; Nicolas Weeger. And also my brother, Xavier, and my mum, who read the manuscript with great care.

– Within my publisher, Stock, in Paris, I owe a special debt to Manuel Carcassonne, my publisher who believed in the book since the beginning. I’d like to thank also : Marie Eugène, Valentine Layet, Anne-Marie de Sousa, Charlotte Brossier, Fabienne Roussel, Stefanie Drews, Marielle Kalamboussis.

– For the communication on my book, I would like to thank : Solveig de Plunkett (at Stock’s publisher), Raphaël Camuset and Nicolas Weeger. And: Steve Nadjar, Erwan Le Gal, Valentin Schmite, Barnabé Louche, Martin Dourneau, Aziz Ridouan, Théo Corbucci, Mathias Megy, Hugo Amsellem, Matt Darti, Nicolas Kssis-Martov, Grégory Fleuriet, Sebastien Leurquin, Clément Senechal.

– I’m very grateful to relatives and friends for their support including, in no particular order : Arthur Goldhammer, Greg Levis, Samuel Rohaut, Christian Paul, Steve Nadjar, Ervan Le Gal, Matt Darti, Rémi Mathis, Florent Latrive, Jean-Baptiste Soufron, Paul Zajac, and Jacob Bromberg.

– For the update of the book, and the new chapter on Smart Curation, I’d like to thank : Guillaume Chevillon, Sophie Berlin, Pauline Kepfer and especially Jullien Sylvestre.

– I would like to thank many other persons that helped me on the road in more than 50 countries. And especially : In Latin America : I owe a special debt, in Latin America (in general) to Emmanuel Neisa, Bernardo Bruzzonne and Stéphane Foin ; In Mexico : I owe a special debt to Marcela Gonzalès and Antonio Martinez Velazquez ; In Russia : Adrien Henni, Vassily Klimentov ; In Japan : I owe a special debt to Julia Mizubayashi.

– For the online bibliography of Smart, Raphaël Camuset and David Lavaud helped me.