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In the Closet of the Vatican

In the Closet of the Vatican: Power, Homosexuality, Hypocrisy
(publisher: Bloomsbury Continuum, Feb. 2019). 

– Sources and bibliography : read here.

Team of researchers.

– Exclusive chapters : « A la recherche de Sodome » (in french here).

– Cover of the books in each country.

couverture-smartSmart: On the internets
(publisher: Stock, Apr. 2014).

– Introduction of Smart in English : Introduction
– Presentation of Smart in English : Presentation
– Sources, Ressources, Bibliography : Sources & Online Bibliographie (english)
– Conclusion of Smart in English : Conclusion’s Excerpt (see: pp. 10 to 18)
– Audio Supplements : Audio reports from Smart.
– Internet Regulations’ Chart : La régulation d’internet (PDF)
– Internet Giants’ Chart : Les géants du net (PDF)
– Medias Conglomérates’ Chart : Les conglomérats médias (PDF)
– Digital China’s Chart : La Chine numérique (PDF)
– Digital Russia’s Chart : La Russie numérique (PDF)
– Acknowledgements: here; and covers of the translated books.

Global Gay: How Gay Revolution is Changing the World
(publisher: Flammarion, Feb. 2013).

– Introduction of Global Gay in english : Prologue (PDF).
– Sources & bibliography of Global Gay: see Sources
– Global map on LGBT rights : MAP
– Documents by the Groupe de travail sur la dépénalisation universelle de l’homosexualité (IRIS): see documents and map here
– The US debate on same-sex marriage state by state: infography

Mainstream: On the Global Culture War
(publisher: Flammarion, Champs, 2011).

– Footnotes of Mainstream : Notes (PDF)
– Index of names and subjects in Mainstream : Index (Excel)
– List of people interviewed for Mainstream : Liste (PDF)
– Bibliography : Bibliography (PDF)
– French/English words used in Mainstream translated : Lexique (PDF)

On Culture in America
(publisher: Gallimard, 2006).

– Detailed bibliography on culture in America: Bibliography (PDF)
– Documents & appendices: Appendices (PDF)
– List of people interviewed for Culture in America: List (PDF)

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couverture-smart In the Closet of the Vatican